Tennis and Swimming

  • Swimming Pond
  • Sand Beach at Swimming Pond
  • Natural Swimming Pond
  • Tennis Court
  • Tennis

Your short walk to the tennis court will be on a winding Vermont country road. You will walk to and play tennis under a canopy of mature hardwood trees and be able to listen to the singing of the birds. You may have the court all to yourselves and will be playing tennis in a garden within a wonderful woodland setting.

After your game of tennis, you will be able to cool down with a nice relaxing walk along one of our nature paths or trails. Perhaps you may want to enjoy a dip in one of our two spring-fed swimming ponds or just savor a cool drink and take in the fragrance of the surrounding gardens and the Vermont woods.

The day time temperature of Vermont is perfect for an exhilarating game of tennis and you can practice your stroke for hours as the summer breezes under the shady trees will keep you refreshed even on the warmest of days.


If you are interested in private tennis lessons then we can help you make arrangements.