Snow Shoeing
Snowshoeing is becoming very popular in snowy areas. It is an activity that is easy to learn and lots of fun. On Birch Hill Farm we have many fine trails that welcome snowshoers. We have equipment on-site, so you can try out the latest high-tech snowshoes and get a sense of the sport in a single sunny day.

Snowshoeing is a wonderful way to enjoy the snow, whether you venture out with friends, family or solo. On Birch Hill Farm you will have the chance to try out a variety of terrains and be able to find the ones that appeal to your sense of adventure. Many people like that fact that snowshoeing is a great way to enjoy the winter outdoors independent of ski lifts.

If your are interested in learning more about snowshoeing at Birch Hill Farm then give us a call.

Snowshoeing is a wonderful winter activity and to get out in the fresh winter air and the perfectly white winter snow is a brilliant experience.