Vermont Organic Maple Syrup

Birch Hill Farm makes 100% pure maple syrup, produced using a traditional wood fired evaporator.

Price List

  • Gallon: $50.00
  • Half Gallon: $31.00
  • Quart: $20.00
  • Pint: $12.00
  • Half Pint: $6.50

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Birch Hill Farm is proud to produce outstanding certified-organic maple syrup from sap gathered from the trees here on our farm in South Woodstock. In order to be certified we follow the requirements set down by the USDA National Organic Program, no synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides can have been used within the three years preceding the “organic” designation. Our syrup is free from any preservatives or other additives

What About the Maple Trees?

A maple tree must be about 40 years old before it is considered a candidate for tapping. It takes about 40 gallons of sap to produce one gallon of syrup.

This is why it makes sense that an approved forest management plan is also required for organic certification. The trees are tapped with a primary objective of distributing the taps over as large an area as possible in order to maintain a healthy, vigorous sugar bush. Our forest is managed for long-term use.

Our Maple Syrup

Our maple syrup is available in various grades, according to the harvest, in half-pints, pints,quarts,half-gallons and gallons. We can ship syrup, depending upon availability, at most times of the year.

There are four grades of Vermont Maple Syrup for consumers. Which grade is the best is really a personal choice.

  • Grade A Golden Delicate Taste: This syrup has a light to more pronounced golden color, and has a delicate, mild flavor perfect for serving over ice cream.
  • Grade A Amber Rich Taste: This syrup is light amber in color, pronounced maple bouquet with a characteristic maple flavor. It is popular for all-around use.
  • Grade A Dark Robust Taste: Dark Maple syrup is darker in color with a heartier, robust maple taste.
  • Grade A Very Dark Taste: This is the darkest table-grade maple syrup its stronger maple flavor makes it the best grade for cooking.

Please visit our Contact Page to request availability and shipping charges, including international rates.

Our maple season can range from late Feb to mid-April check in with us regarding arrangements for a visit to our sugarhouse or visit our accommodations page to see our available accommodations.

To view a downloadable PDF document on the Vermont Maple Syrup Grades click here.